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The Italian aerospace industry has for over thirty years a landmark that operates worldwide in Officine Meccaniche Irpine.


High levels of technology and a high quality professional led OMI to be leader in the components of fuselages and partner of the most prestigious international operators


The OMI is specialized in the production of equipment to support the production of missiles , particularly in the design and construction of systems for functional testing .


By operating in the aviation industry , OMI has always guaranteed standard of the highest technical level oriented to a specialization in construction and quality control of products .


With over thirty years experience technical and organizational , OMI is able to meet every need in the field of precision machining.


Always attentive to the sustainability of the entire production system , OMI is an ISO 14001 .

Research & Development

The look is constantly focused on the future, OMI aims to respond to Customer requests…



The thirty years of experience of specialized personnel can perform the activity CAD – CAM .


OMI, qualified in the field of mechanical machining by chip removal , produces components in complex geometric shape .


The aeronautical products in company together through the assembly phase .

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